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The European Digital Radio Alliance

New European radio alliance founded in Paris: The European Digital Radio Alliance

Digital radio has received a separate alliance of European broadcasters to promote the standard.
Prominent broadcasters from across Europe have come together to form an alliance to promote digital radio. The agreement was signed by leaders of commercial companies and public broadcasters in Paris this week.
The 12 companies included in the alliance operates a total of more than 300 radio stations and reaches more than 130 million listeners. The companies met at the annual conference Radiodays Europe and selected BBC radio director Helen Boada as first president of the European digital radio alliance.
- Members of the alliance sends a clear signal that they share a commitment to making DAB radio to the predominant form of distribution in their areas, says Helen Boada.
- Digital radio offers great benefits for listeners, but for too long we have seen it as a national issue. This fragmented approach has held back investment.
- As DAB is the natural choice for consumers, we want Europe embracing this and that manufacturers offer DAB together with FM in appliances and vehicles, just as they did for medium wave and FM - and at a price that is attractive to the consumer.
- It will only happen if we see that we are united in our aim of giving the consumer the benefits of digital radio. The alliance is created to display a united front and speak with one voice to manufacturers, government and regulatory authorities.
Alliance founding members in Paris during Radio Days Europe.
Alliance founding members in Paris during Radio Days Europe.
(Die Gründungsmitglieder der Europäischen Digitalradio Allianz bei ihrer Gründung in Paris von links nach rechts: Mariano Tschuor (SRG SSR), Edita Kudláčová (Czech Radio), Willi Schreiner (Die Neue Welle), James Rea (Global) Heinz-Deiter Sommer (ARD), Willi Steul (Deutschlandradio), Wolfgang Struber (Radio Arabella), Helen Boaden (BBC), Marc Savary (SRG SSR), Steve Parkinson (Bauer), Jan Westerhof (NPO), Francis Goffin (RTBF), Graham Ellis (BBC), Graham Dixon (EBU), Marius Lillelien (NRK), Jean Philip De Tender (EBU).

All broadcasters with who bet on DAB radio is welcome to become part of the alliance.  

Founders Alliance and members are:

  • ARD companies (Germany)
  • Die Neue Welle (Germany)
  • Global UK (United Kingdom)
  • NRK (Norway)
  • RTBF (Belgium)
  • Czech Radio (Czech Republic)
  • Deutschland Radio (Germany)
  • BBC (UK)
  • Bauer Media Group (UK and Scandinavia)
  • NPO (Netherlands)
  • SRG SSR (Switzerland)
  • Radio Arabella (Austria)

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