čtvrtek 11. června 2015

DAB + Praha

CTU supports Radiokomunikace's T-DAB+ experiment

Monday 8 June 2015 | 11:09 CET | News
Czech regulator CTU has allowed the launch of experimental digtal terrestrial radio broadcasting using the sT-DAB+ system via the Prague-City transmitter with 20 kW power. CTU decided to issue a licence for Czech Radiokomunikace's usage of blocks on the 12C radio frequencies. The licence is limited for one year. The experimental broadcasting can, however, be terminated at any time even before the one year licence period. In cooperation with Czech Radio, the operator will test the parameters of radio wave distribution from high power transmitters, mainly in the environment of densely populated urban areas.
This is the first experimental broadcasting of T-DAB+ of such an extent. The results of the test will be used in planning future networks for T-DAB+. The new technology will lead to a decrease of costs for signal distribution and efficient usage of radio spectrum. The platform will also provide a space for a bigger number of available radio channels. The experimental broadcasting shall not be used for commercial purposes, and the broadcasting may be interrupted during the experiment for changes in technology parameters.

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